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If your Mini wants a bigger, badder, sassy approach, check out the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit. More power, more performance and a posh throaty sound. Outmaneuver Daleks, delivery drones, and anything else that gets in your way.  Ask our service department for details about our limited time special.

(written by Valerie Hendel, voiced by Jannie Meisberger, produced by Woodstock Media Group)

Elephant and Castle

(written by Valerie Hendel, voiced by Katherine Banwell and Mark Whitten, produced by Woodstock Media Group)

 The Keltech Story
Keltech. . . Innovative Solutions for Creative Ideas.  Keltech’s roots are in plastics fabrication, but our passion, commitment, and visionary clientele have shaped us into a premier design firm.
To take your designs to the limit, our craftsman make the most of the unique qualities of acrylic, thermoplastics, wood, fabric, and metals. We’re always interested in trying out new materials. This is where it can get exciting!
The three divisions at Keltech–retail, law enforcement, and industrial–allow us to use the very best of our skills.  Award-winning displays, life-saving equipment, and front-line industrial solutions. . . We love helping our customers make an impact.
Our passion comes from testing the depth and breadth of our craft.  This is what it’s all about for us. Large runs or one-offs—we’d love to do it for you.  Bring us your napkin doodle, and we’ll take your idea to stunning reality.  [Break]  Being nimble allows us to deliver our best work to you. We’ve moved everything in-house so we can control time and quality.  We want to be involved every step of the way. Your projects will be on-time and on-budget. And gorgeous!
You know. . . all of us at Keltech are already driven by a passion for our craft, but you  inspire us every day.  Our relationship with all of our clients is a creative partnership: a collaboration with exciting results! We love to discover what each day will bring us, because we know it’ll be something extraordinary. Keltech … Innovative Solutions for Creative Ideas.

(written by Valerie Hendel, voiced by Mark Whitten, produced by Woodstock Media Group)

Fairy Godmother  
How is a Smith Brothers delivery truck like a fairy godmother?  Well, first you make the I’ve got to be in three places at one time wish.  You put in your regular order to Smith Brothers, choosing from our selection of wholesome local products.  And poof! Your Smith Brothers Farm Coach delivers a box of your fresh favorites right to your door. No wings. . . But very very clever.

(written by Valerie Hendel, voiced by Sarah Taylor, produced by Woodstock Media Group)

Your Lawn

(written by Valerie Hendel, voiced by Sarah Taylor, produced by Woodstock Media Group)

Chicks Gone Wild
Life is pretty easy around here most days. Wash my dog. Ride my horse. Then. . . Spring comes along.
Chicks gone wild. The spring chicks have invaded Reber Ranch now through April 24th [echo out]. Catch them if you can. [peep peep peep]
Life is never dull at Reber Ranch.
You’re kind of cute.

(written by Valerie Hendel, voiced by Paul Fredricks, produced by Woodstock Media Group)

Back to School
It’s back to school and the ol’ what do I pack in their lunch conundrum. Mommies and daddies … we’ve got you covered. Stock up on a pantry full of our wholesome breads, jams, and peanut butters for the all-natural, what-childhood-memories-are-made-of  pb&j experience. You can also choose from a fabulous selection of healthy, tasty snacks to keep them going all day long. Go ahead, just toss them in the bag. Shop online today at Smith Brothers Farm dot com, and check it off your list.  Well done!

(written by Valerie Hendel, voiced by Sarah Taylor, produced by Woodstock Media Group)

Fonte Coffee
We’re pretty sure that if you could hold the world in a cup, it would be a cup of coffee. We’ve selected the finest beans from around the world, and we know you’ll taste the craftsmanship, commitment, and passion in each cup of Fonte (FAWN-tay) coffee. It’s with great joy that Master Roaster, Steve Smith, combines a rich palette of flavor profiles from around the world in our Fonte blends. Please visit us online at FONTE COFFEE DOT COM and on Facebook at Fonte Coffee.