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Thank you for stopping by. I’m told that way back in the day my people were schreibers or scribes of the village. I like that story. These days, we’ve got a couple of pencils in the family, and I’m one of them.

I enjoy helping to create brand and connecting to audiences across demographics. My clients represent a broad range of industries–hospitality, automotive, software, insurance, and a healthy dose of senior residential care and health-delivery services.

Telling your story comes in the shape of content, social media, video, blog posts, articles, and training pieces. Love the feedback from the short modules–keep it coming. Sharing the writing process is a joy.

I’m making excursions into the screenplay/stage play writing world. Writing visually is simply thrilling. In addition, my book, the New Suitor, is laid out and ready for the next step. I’m anxious to hear from my target audience and look forward to creating the opportunity for a round table.

My strength as a writer comes from my dual creative-analytic nature, which allows me to work effectively with partners on the creative and non-creative side of the table. If your team is in need of a creative-analytic who is good with deadlines and brings her own glitter, give me a shout. You’ll have an enthusiastic team participant.

Let’s tell a story.






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